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E.W. Jackson on the NFL Taking-a-knee Protests

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To be fair i watched all 27 minutes of this rant
and have taken the time to research and comment. Like many politically biased Pastors, E.W. Jackson is a good speaker but a false prophet (who also failed as a Republican candidate.)

in this clip Jackson:
*admits our soldiers died for the NFL player's right to protest. But never admits that if it weren't for past protestors he'd still be in chains instead of on Facebook.

*dismisses the players as spoiled millionaires. But i'm sure they experienced discrimination in their lives. Besides, they are not protesting for themselves.

*says the players have no right to protest on NFL time. But no private business can force an employee to honor the flag or other political symbol at any time (and no student can be forced to pledge on school time)

*repeatedly defends Trump who instigated the controversy with insults, is far more of a spoiled rich elitist and behaves far less like a patriot and christian than the 200 players who protested

in the past, Jackson said:

* Donating to his ministry "will start a flow of prosperity in your life"

* When you meditate Satan "is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it."

* LGBT pride month made him "feel ikky all over. Yuk!" and Gays are "frankly very sick people"

* “The ‘homosexual religion’ is the most virulent anti-Christian bigotry & hatred I’ve ever seen” and it is "a cancer attacking vital organs of faith, family & military"

* “Obama’s new mission for Nasa, is not to explore space, but expand Islam!

* He called Democrats “Demoncrats” and Obama “the first homosexual President,” and “first Muslim President.”

Jackson uses statistics to claim blacks are not discriminated against. But here is a fair, reputable analysis:

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