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We're taking the fight to the alt-right on a free browser game (which is also a bit of fun too)

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We all know that the internet is the domain of the alt-right, the pepe-lovers and disinformationists. Unsurprisingly, a free browser-based US politics simulation is no exception, especially when the GOP in the game recruits from /pol/. I'm from the Democratic Party, which is primarily comprised of centrists, progressives and liberals, although we have a fair number of leftists and several right-wingers in the past, too.

We are all, in essence, against Trump and his agenda. So you'll find a fair number of like-minded people among us. In the game, which is called POWER, you can become a Senator or Governor, or even President. You can vote on or propose bills, as well as change state tax rates. Not much is off limits. But the heart of the game is in its community, which primarily exists on Discord.

We would love for you to join us. The game is both political and engaging, as well as a bit of fun. And you would even be taking a bit of fight out of some Trump supporters in the process. It's a win-win-win. The game's link is here: I suggest, if you're interested, joining the Democratic Party Discord server first and we can talk you through getting started in the best way. Come and join! We have cookies:

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